Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy is often one of the “treasures” that draws people to worship at St. Mary, Portage or Briggsville.   The music and preaching  provide communal prayer that speaks to the heart, mind, body, and soul. 

We invite and encourage each of you to consider one of the areas listed below and discover how you can give of your time and talent. 

Please contact the Portage Parish Center at 742-6998 or the Briggsville Parish Office at 981-2282 to make your interest known.

St. Mary, Portage Ministry Schedules for March 7 through May 31

 Schedule by Minister

Schedule by Service


    Altar Servers are young people who assist the presider at the Mass. It is open to girls and boys who are in the 5th grade and above. This service involves a regular commitment to a scheduled Mass. It is one of the most helpful services that young people can perform in the parish and is an opportunity to learn more about the church and our worship of God.

    Training: Training is required and provided.

    Scheduling: Schedules are prepared approximately times a year at St. Mary, Portage and every month at St. Mary, Briggsville. 

    Eucharistic Ministers assist the Presider in the distribution of the Eucharistic bread and wine at liturgy. In a special way, you embody Christ’s present for others and encounter Christ’s presence in others.

    Training: Training is encouraged and available upon request.

    Scheduling: Schedules are made 3 times per year at St. Mary, Portage and every month at St. Mary, Briggsville.

    Lectors are entrusted with proclaiming God’s Word at liturgy. This involves the reading and reflecting of the assigned scriptures so their message and meaning can be communicated to the community through your proclamation. Preparation includes the use of the Lector Workbook, which contains the readings for the year/cycle and provides invaluable information such as the context of a reading, reflections and a pronunciation guide.

    Training: This is required and provided on an individual basis.

    Schedules: These are prepared approximately 3-4 times per year and based upon your availability and preference of  liturgy.

    This ministry offers the opportunity to greet parishioners and guests who come to worship.  Hospitality Ministers are the ambassadors of our parish, since they are the first impression people receive when they arrive.  The ability to interact with people in a friendly and helpful way is a key quality for this ministry. Consider doing this ministry as a family or with a friend or two!

    Training: No formal  training is involved.