Funeral Luncheon Committee

The Funeral Luncheon Committee consists of six groups, each group having two chairpersons.

Each group is responsible for a two-month period. The funeral director contacts one of the chairpersons when there is a funeral.

One of the chairpersons plans the menu with the family and orders the main food items.

The other chairperson calls for help and for donations of food if necessary.

The committee picks up the food from the grocery store, serves the food, and cleans up the kitchen and cafeteria.

Each Funeral Luncheon Group has a list of regular workers who help them with the luncheon.

In addition, there are usually family members and friends who bring in food for the luncheon.

We are always ready to welcome anyone who would be able to help in any way, either as a worker or as someone who would be glad to donate a salad or dessert when needed.

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