Food Drive


December 15-16 at all the weekend Masses

Providing for the needs at

St. Vincent Food Pantry.

Sponsored by the youth of our parish


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St. Vincent Food Bank List

Non-Perishable food items.

Please make sure the expiration dates are current as they cannot accept items if they are expired.

-Noodles                                           -Mac n Cheese

-Spaghetti sauce                             -Tuna

-Rice                                                   -Hearty Soups

- Pancake Mixes                              -Oatmeal

- Syrup                                              -Cereal

-Canned fruit and Veggies           -Instant Potatoes

-Peanut Butter and Jelly

-Hamburger & Tuna Helpers

- Canned Ravioli or Spaghetti




Handout Bags:

We need youth volunteers at all of the doors to help hand out bags as people leave Mass. (at least 5 per Mass)

 December 8-9

4:00 pm

9:30 am

11:00 am - 


Readers for Announcement before each Mass

We also need someone to read a written announcement.

 December 8-9

4:00 pm

9:30 am

11:00 am - 

Carrying Bags from Church to School and then Sorting Food.  

We need help sorting and boxing all the food/supplies on Sunday, December 16th at 10:30 am in the lower Level of the Parish Center. 


If you are able to help, please Brenda Collins in the parish office