Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  -

September 1, 2019

When was the last time you stood naked in front of a full-length mirror and said, “Oh my, you are made in the image and likeness of God?”  ‘been a while?  Our not-so-perfect physical nature might make that hard to believe, especially as we age.  But we don’t need a full-length mirror to remind us of that; life itself dishes out humility regularly.

It is a good thing, humility, because when we can honestly accept our imperfections- not wrapped up in excuses and not as shame, but as a stand-naked-before-God moment, then—and only then—can we can live rightly with God. 

That’s why what we do here on Sunday mornings is so important.  We gather with our brothers and sisters who are also inadequate and imperfect and sometimes confused and scared and lonely.  Here we don’t have to pretend we’ve got it all together; we don’t have to have all the answers; we don’t have to be anyone except who we are: children of God with all kinds of limitations and imperfections and inadequacies.  

We stand here together staking our faith on the invitation to this heavenly banquet on earth, trusting that this is exactly what we need to do in our humility.  We gather at the invitation of God and we come face to face with our God.  Not a God of blazing fire and gloomy darkness, not a God who voices words of condemnation so that we beg He will stop.  No.  We stand before a God who loves us enough to share our human nature and humility, even to death. 

It is here, my friends, more than any other way place we will land this week or any other time we spend, more than in any cause in which we partake or commitment we live, it is here that our human nature, with all its imperfections, comes together with our divine nature.  In a real sense, God welcomes us from our place of humility to a place of honor.     

Unlike full-length mirrors that reflect our human nature all too honestly, here in this holy assembly, at this holy altar, when we gather in the presence of God, when God’s Word rests in our hearts, when the very Body and Blood of Christ flows in our veins, we can see ourselves, truly, being made into the image and likeness of God.  


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