Mary Mother of God

Mary Mother of God

January 1, 2018

(Fake a sneeze…and hopefully, get a “Bless You” from the congregation)    That was a fake sneeze, of course, but you got it…when someone sneezes we offer a blessing.  We don’t think of it as such too often; it’s more of a polite thing to do, but that’s what it is, a blessing.  It is an extension of God’s goodness, a hope of well-being, fullness of life offered in a simple prayer:  God Bless you! 

From the beginning of our relationship with God, we have been offered blessings, and often invited (and sometimes, quite frankly, commanded) to extend that blessing. We always remember that God is the source of all blessings.  It was from God that Moses received it and passed it on to Aaron and his sons, who in turn were to give it to the Israelites.  Blessings of that nature continued through the ages; even the Psalms often were a prayer of blessing to all people. 

Eventually, the ultimate blessing came upon Mary -Blessed are you among women- to nurture and give birth to the Christ-child for the world.  She became the Mother of God, the “Theotokos” the God-bearer.  Paul reminds us that the blessing of Christ’s presence has made each and every person a child of God, and our blessing to be an heir to the Kingdom. 

So now it’s ours to pass on.  As one of our many New Year’s resolutions, we could all add this one:  every chance we get, every opportunity that is offered, at every family gathering or phone call or email or text message or letter we write; every time someone cuts you off in traffic or butts in line at the store; for every young man or woman sent to jail or in every marriage that struggles; for every soldier that is in harms way and every innocent child that is caught in the web of violence….

…perhaps our resolution for 2018 could simply be this:  to offer them –not advice or admonishment, not judgment or condemnation, but a blessing.  Extend your hands over them or hold their hands or hold them in your heart and bless them.  Wish them the fullness of life, the best that God has to offer them.  (Don’t wait for them to sneeze.)


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