Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

March 3, 2019

You’ve heard, I’m sure, this not-so-sage advice: “If you have to talk in front of a crowd and you are nervous, just picture everyone in the crowd naked.”  Personally I find that a bit distracting, but I guess we all have our ways.

But make no mistake: naked is how we stand before God every day, whether we want to or not.  Naked, not so much in the sense of physical nakedness (although that might be an interesting spiritual journey to take, as well) but rather standing before our God without any masks, without any pretense, with nothing to hide behind: no titles or positions or badges or bank accounts, just the most honest version of our self inside and out.  No words to distract, or any beauty that might divert, God’s attention, no version of our false-selves that we often put forth to make us look better or stronger or more faithful or more saintly or more generous than we really are.

We just stand before God naked, our husks sieved out, the wooden beam in our eyes revealed.  We stand before God with the true fruit of our actions and thoughts and decisions hanging from our personal branches.  We stand before God with the remnants of our sins yet to be acknowledged and forgiven, with every bias and every prejudice exposed.  

What does God see as you stand before him this morning?  

Perhaps another bit of sage advice might be helpful at this time, that which St. Paul offered the church of Corinth:   “My beloved brothers and sisters, be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is never in vain.”



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