All adults are invited to begin with Alpha. Alpha is a course which was developed over 25 years ago and is now run all around the globe. Over 29 million people have experienced Alpha in 169 countries, and it’s been translated into 112 different languages. Must be pretty interesting to attract all of those people, huh?

Alpha provides an opportunity to meet others and talk about some of life’s big questions in an open and friendly environment. Once people complete their Alpha experience, we invite everyone to get involved with small groups that focus on things like prayer and study in order to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Watch this video to learn more about the Alpha program. 



Here in Portage, we offer both a daytime and an evening session for your convenience. These 11 interactive sessions and 1 day away, explore the basics of life, faith and God.  Each week begins with a brief introduction followed by a short video. Then we enjoy a snack and chat.  Guests are encouraged to participate but there’s never any pressure.  

The course begins in September and we hope you will consider joining us.  Sign up on the link below or call Dcn. Dennis at 742-2647. If you are uncomfortable coming alone, consider inviting a friend. Everyone is welcome—all faiths or no faith at all. It’s easy, free, and a great way to make new friends.



Evening sign up:

September 11th 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Sign up for Evening Class


Daytime sign up:

September 13th 9:00 to 11:00 am

Sign up for Daytime Class



 Stay tuned to our bulletin and calendar for our next Alpha series!