The sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession/Penance) is about the mercy of Jesus Christ. Confessing our sins reconciles us to God and restores us to his grace and intimate friendship. Confession breaks the power of shame and hurt of sin, restores and revitalizes our relationships within the community of faith in the life of our Church. 

To celebrate this sacrament, you can go most Saturday mornings at 9:00 am at St. Mary Portage or you may contact us to schedule a private appointment with the pastor.

Special Reconciliation times and Penance services during Advent and Lent will be published in the bulletin.

 1st Reconciliation for children

To receive First Reconciliation, your child needs to be enrolled in faith formation or school classes AND Sacramental Preparation programs. First Reconciliation preparation generally begins in second grade. Contact our Director of Faith Formation for more information. 


Information about the Sacrament of Confession

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The Healing Power of Confession