Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council serves as the primary representative and consultative voice of the parishioners of St. Mary Parish in dialogue and cooperation with the pastor and staff of the parish to promote a vibrant and faith-filled parish life. St. Mary parishioners elect members to serve on the council for a three-year term. There will be monthly meetings and council members are expected to serve on another committee as the council liaison.

St. Mary, Briggsville Pastoral Council Members

Sandy Braun
Fritz Hammer
Josh Huber
Ginny Joyce
Kim Musiedlak
Tammy Schwantz
Cary Stage
Sister Anita Henning
Fr. Gary Krahenbuhl
Sister Jovita Winkel

St. Mary, Portage Pastoral Council Members

Maribeth Dorn- [email protected] or 608-742-6936
Gerard Edwards - [email protected] or 443-847-1842

Dennis Harkins- [email protected] or 608-742-7979
Natalie James, Council Chair- [email protected] or 608-742-8054
Fr. Gary Krahenbuhl- 608-742-6998
Anastasia Kinney- [email protected] or 608-697-8217
Ryan McReath - [email protected] or 852-6288Sue Riley- [email protected] or 608-742-2439
Robin Ruhland- [email protected] or 608-742-6658
Connie Shlimovitz- [email protected] or 608-742-8470
Greg Strickland - [email protected] or 765-412-1597Dennis Sutter- [email protected] or 608-742-2647
Kristin Vorpahl - [email protected] or 617-7644

To view the Constitution and Bylaws of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Pastoral Council click on the link below.



Current and Past Agendas  Past Meeting Minutes 
 Agenda for December 5, 2019 November 7, 2019
Agenda for May 2, 2019  September 5,2019
 Agenda for April 4, 2019 March 7, 2019
 Agenda for February 7, 2019  January 3, 2019
  December 6, 2018
  November 8, 2018
 Agenda for December 6, 2018 October 4, 2018
  May 10, 2018
 Agenda for May 10, 2018  Minutes April 12, 2018
March 8, 2018  February 15,2018
January 11, 2018 January 19, 2017
 May 18, 2017  November 9, 2017
April 20, 2017 April 20, 2017
March 23, 2017 March 23, 2017


Pastoral Council Umbrella Committees

The following committees operate under the umbrella of the Parish Council. If you have an interest in serving on any of these committees please call the St. Mary, Portage Parish Center at 608-742-6998.

  • Building and Grounds Committee

    The "Building & Grounds Committee" guides the development and maintenance of parish property. Our facilities at St. Mary's are aging along with the rest of us. With proper care and maintenance, we and our parish facilities will be around for a long time. By joining this committee, you will help to demonstrate that a little timely work can go a long way. You may also find that you gain more that you give.

  • Lifelong Faith Enrichment Committee

    The "Lifelong Faith Enrichment Committee" is a standing committee of the Pastoral Council that oversees all spiritual formation and catechetical opportunities provided to all parish members. It includes Adult Formation, RCIA, Faith Formation for school-age children, St. Mary School, Liturgy of the Word for Children, parish missions, and retreat opportunities.

  • Hospitality and Stewardship Committee

    The mission of the Hospitality and Stewardship Committee will welcome new members to our faith community while enhancing the socialization of all members through organized activities, as well as promoting and providing the opportunity for all parish members to share their time, talent and treasure with our parish family.

  • Liturgy Committee

    The mission of the Liturgy Committee is to create meaningful worship to meet the spiritual needs of our parishioners within the Catholic Tradition.

  • Pastoral Ministry Committee

    The "Pastoral Ministry Committee" is a standing committee of the Pastoral Council that assures the pastoral spiritual needs of parish members, particularly in ministry to the sick and elderly, those in car facilities or confined to their homes, the needs of the disabled or unable to participate in normal parish activities.