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The Body and Blood of Christ

Posted by Kari Caulum on 6/18/17

There were rules when I was a kid growing up on the farm, rules that had to do with everything from keeping things nice and neat, to keeping everyone –kids and animals alike, safe and alive. If you use a tool, but it back where you got it. Don’t ... Read More »

Pentecost Sunday

Posted by Kari Caulum on 6/04/17

Graduation party season is in full swing. I was shuffling through my stack if announcements and invitations the other day it brought back memories of my graduation from Monroe High School in 1976. Yes, the bi-centennial year - when all 250 Monroe High School graduates were decked out in ... Read More »

Ascension of the Lord

Posted by Kari Caulum on 5/28/17

A couple of weeks ago I flew into New Orleans for the funeral of a good friend, Fr. John Arnone. His death, at the age of 49, was a personal loss for me, but it was clear from the line at the visitation that extended, literally, for blocks down ... Read More »

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kari Caulum on 5/22/17

Many of you, I assume, have been in the elevator at Divine Savior Hospital in town. It’s one of those, by the design of the building, which opens up on some floors on one side and on other floors, the door opens on the opposite side. Once in a ... Read More »

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kari Caulum on 5/14/17

I know most of you are far more tech-savvy than I am but have you ever sat, staring at the computer screen or the smartphone, knowing what you want it to do, where you want it to go, but you can’t seem to make it happen? Or have you ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kari Caulum on 5/08/17

Adele or Patsy Cline; Michael Buble or Josh Groban or Garth Brooks. We all have our favorites. But there is only one Frank Sinatra. That’s why his biography is simply called Frank: The Voice. I don’t know if the timber of his voice or it is the resonance or ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kari Caulum on 4/30/17

It’s always kind of boggled my mind: That scholars that have studied the land and archaeology still cannot determine, with certainty, where the village of Emmaus was. It no longer exists. Yet, this seven-mile stretch of road between Jerusalem and Emmaus is one of the most heavily traveled roads ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kari Caulum on 4/23/17

[This weekend we celebrate First Communion at all the Masses. I gathered the kids at each Mass under an umbrella]

Well….this is weird, isn’t it? It’s a sunny day and here we are sitting under an umbrella. And inside a church. Weird indeed. But I’m going to use the ... Read More »

Easter Sunday

Posted by Kari Caulum on 4/17/17

First of all, thanks for showing up this morning. No, truly, I mean it. Those of you who show up most every Sunday and those of you who don’t; those whose butts have formed personalized indentations in these pews - and those of you who are sitting in your ... Read More »

Easter Vigil

Posted by Kari Caulum on 4/17/17

When else…? When else do we enter into the darkness of night - and emerge a few moments later embraced by the warmth and comfort of Easter fire, as if the very hand of the Creator passed over us, and once again touched our space and time?

When else ... Read More »