Portage Make-Up Work

Portage Faith Formation Make Up Work
According to Madison Diocesan policies, all students are expected to attend at least 85% of all classes, except in extraordinary circumstances. In other words, students should miss no more than four (4) classes out of the 25 class sessions. The student must complete all class work and homework. 

Click on the links below to download and print off each worksheet.

Community Life
Lesson 1-  Importance of Community
Lesson 2- Who am I?
Lesson 3- Music and Me
Lesson 4- All are Welcome, and Trust

Week 1- God Our Father
Week 2- Jesus True God, True Man
Week 3- Jesus' Death and Resurrection
Week 4- The Holy Spirit

Week 1 Handout- Themes of Catholic Social Teachings
Week 1- A Catholic Approach to Justice
Week 2- Life, Who Gets to Choose
Week 3 Handout- Things We Have
Week 3- Exactly What is a Just Wage
Week 4 Handout- Action Ideas
Week 4 Handout- Hunger Among Us
Week 4 Handout- Renewing the Earth
Week 4- Caring for Creation and Hunger Among Us

Pastoral Care
Week 1 - Made in God's Image
Week 2 - Managing Life's Ups and Downs
Week 3 - Managing Conflict and Anger
Week 4 - Suicide Prevention - Finding Hop

The Catholic Church
Week 1 - Being Catholic and What is Faith
Week 2 - Why be Catholic
Week 3 - The Mission of the Church
Week 4 - The Organization of the Church and Who is Mary

Intro to the Bible
Week 1: A Map for the Journey
Week 2: Where did we get the Bible