Finance Council

The primary responsibility of the Finance Council is to assist the pastor in his decisions concerning financial matters that affect the life and pastoral activity of the parish. Additional responsibilities of the Council in cooperation with the pastor and staff include making financial provisions for the spiritual enrichment and growth of the faith community; developing and monitoring the parish budget; engaging in a continuous process of long-range financial planning for the parish based on its needs and resources; setting financial goals and establishing corresponding priorities for the parish as it strives to realize its vision for the future as state in its mission statement and as outlined in its strategic plan.

St. Mary, Portage Finance Council Members
Marty Gavinski, Trustee
Ken Griep
Rod Gumz
Dennis Nachreiner
Karen Manske
Charles Poches
Jaime Schwingel
Steven Benck

St. Mary, Briggsville Finance Council Members
Stephanie Murphy
Ken Huber
Teresa Romain