This preparation program invites you to participate in the journey that leads to Confirmation – the sacrament that completes your initiation into our faith and strengthens you with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   Both the journey toward and the actual Sacrament of Confirmations are opportunities for you to more fully experience the love, mercy, and grace of God in your life.   It is a time of maturing in your faith in ways that have you

  •        *Deepen your relationship to God as Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit

  •        *Participate more fully in the work and life of the Church in the world

  •        *Become strengthened as followers and disciples of Jesus in our words and our actions.

The Journey that you begin today as you enter the Confirmation Preparation Program is but ONE step on your lifelong journey of faith.   It is a special time designed to support you to develop some of the knowledge, practices and faith experiences that will help you live a life that is healthy, happy and holy.  It is a special time designed to help you better discover who you are in God and what God calls you to do with your life.  

Invitation Letter

Confirmation Schedule and Fees

Classes begin in the Spring of 10th grade or above and continue through the Fall of the next year. There are monthly Sunday meetings and Wednesday night Faith Formation classes. 
The fee for the Confirmation program is $75. This fee covers books, materials, and the retreat. 

Enrollment Form


Requirements and Expectations
The period of preparing for Confirmation is designed to build upon your faith foundation, encourage community-building, and help’ you to make good life decisions. It is your opportunity to learn more about yourself, the Catholic Faith, and how to live your life with purpose and intention.

The responsibilities and expectations you must meet as a candidate are listed in the link below.

Link to Requirements 

Parent Information
The journey you and your teen are about to embark on is a period of learning more about your faith, renewing your commitment to your baptismal vows, strengthening your relationship with God and the Church and, most importantly, strengthening your relationship with your teenager. It is intended to be a shared journey and the continued role you play in modeling your faith is critical. The expectations are listed in the link below.


As with any journey you’ve not traveled before, it is helpful to have both a companion and mentor who has traveled the path you are about to travel.   As part of your preparation, you are asked to carefully and prayerfully choose who your companion and mentor will be.  This person will be your sponsor when you receive the Sacrament and he/she will also continue to be a companion and mentor for your continued faith journey. 

Choosing your Sponsor & Sponsor Candidate Form

Role of a Sponsor

 Have Faith Handbook
This is not a book you just open up and read.  It's a book that you act on.  It contains self-evaluations, exercises, brief essays, stories, interviews, and even a little research. The adult you have chosen as your sponsor will be doing the same things you are doing.  Choose someone who has faith and who actively appears to be trying to live.  There are three parts to this process.  Both you and your sponsor will compare notes and discuss the suggested topics.  You will need to do this in person.  At various times in this book, you'll be invited to go to  You can listen to music that will add prayerful insight to some of these exercises.

Confirmation Retreat 
A retreat is a time when we can withdraw from normal activities to reflect upon our lives and the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  It's an opportunity for candidates to encounter Christ alive among us, experience community amongst their peers, and reflect/respond to the call of discipleship.  

Service Opportunities
Works of mercy and service are required as part of your preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.   Service hours are required to remind us that we are called to lovingly serve our neighbors not only at church but also in our community. Forms can be downloaded below.

Works of Mercy and Service w/ Completion Form

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